Bringing Interactivity into the Church!

Automated Ministry Tools

Every MyFlock site includes all the features listed on this site. There are tools for every role in your church. Your church staff can update their own web site pages and create newsletter articles on the happenings in their ministry.

Your members will be able to login to the private side of your site and complete their profile. From there, they will be able to link profiles, query the "Top 10 Most Like Me..." at your church, send an encouraging note to other members by signing their profile, create a blog, and communicate in the church forum. When they need a phone number, they can login to the private side and check the online directory which is always current because it uses the data from your member profiles.

Your treasurer will be able to login to the admin control panel and record contributions each week. Your members can even login to the secure area and see that their contributions were recorded properly.

Your adminstrator that gets everything ready for Sunday morning, will be able to login to the admin control panel and update the church's announcements by copying and pasting from the weekly bulletin.

Your associate pastors will be able to login to the admin control panel and manage groups of members by tracking those in small groups, those who have completed membership classes, and the divorce recovery group. He will be able to send email messages to just those in the group through the automated email system. He will also be able to pull up the automated Google map that plots the location of every member on your city map with a shout-out with info for each member.

There's just so much for everyone.

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