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MyFlock Training Videos

Getting Started
Adding/Updating Church Logo   
Change Church Info  
Completing Your Profile view video
Joining MyFlock - Creating Your Profile and Church Site view video
Manage Administrators  
Selecting Your Site Design  
Uploading Files/Forms to your Site  
Using the Page Editor to Create Your Page Content view video


Member Management / Features
Add Families and Family Members  
Add Visitor   
Adding Members to Your Site  
Assign Visitor Follow Up   
Edit Members and Families  
Editing Member Information/Custom Fields view video
Member Directory  view video
Member Reporting  
Member Spotlight  
View Visitors   
Interactive Member Features
Find Someone Who... view video  
Google Member Map view video  
Interactive Devotional view video  
Member Blog view video  
Member Profile Status  
Outreach System view video  
Prayer Board   view video  
Top 10 Most Like Me view video  


Website Features
Additional Chart Features    
Creating Charts view video
Enabling and Disabling Features  
Event Management  
Export/Mail Merge Sync  
Manage Forum Administrator Group  
Managing Groups  
Outreach Settings   
Outreach Trends   
Track Attendance  
Using the Image Slider (Slideshow) Tool  


Announcements / Schedules
Editing Calendar  
Email Church Members  
Email Newsletter to Church Members  
Linking MyFlock Micro-Blog to Twitter view video
Phone Caller Application  
Sending SMS Text Messages to Church Members  
Adding a Poll  
Managing Polls  
Updating Announcements  
Updating Your Newsletter  


Streaming Services / Video Management
Administering Streaming Services  
Broadcasting Your Service with Multiple Bit Rate Streams view video
Embedding Videos on Your Site view video  
Encoding Your Live Stream with Flash Live Media Encoder view video
How to use DVR Feature   
Upload Media and other Files to Media Vault   
Streaming Church Admin Panel Reports
Active / Dynamic Zone
Static Zone Admin
Streaming Notes Admin
Selected Design Template Admin
Streaming Player Skin
Player Logo
Intro / Pre-Roll Video
Miscellaneous Admin


Church App Live
Enabling and Disabling Features
Level Manager
Points Manager
Poll Management
Push Notifications
Resetting All Scores
Sermon Notes
Statistics Reporting
Teaching Challenge Management
Updating a Background Design
Updating the Button/Menu Design
Updating Church Service Times
Uploading Your App Logo
URL Administration and Settings


Donations / Funding
Add Donation  
Add Pledge  
Adding PayPal Donate Online Button to Your Site view video  
Donor Ranges  
Manage Funds  
View Contribution / Donation Statements  
View Donations  
View Pledges