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Linda_Ihd (Belated Birthday Greetings to Steve!), Mon 10 Aug 10:05:08 pm
Linda_Ihd (Linda_Ihde is trying to update profile; unable to access church file;)), Mon 20 Jul 11:27:56 pm
Gary_Car (Gary_Carter is ), Sun 7 Jun 10:09:53 pm
Dee_Eva (Dee_Evans is waiting for service and praying for father currently undergoing "last resort" surgery.), Sat 6 Jun 10:32:08 am
Donna_Ear (Donna_Earleywine is joining service), Sat 9 May 12:38:17 pm
Leroy_Yoa (missing service ), Mon 27 Apr 10:08:21 pm
Leroy_Yoa (Leroy_Yoakman is getting ready to go to California to bring back his property ), Mon 27 Apr 9:54:17 pm
Donna_Ear (Donna_Earleywine is from Cortez, Colorado. My computer gives different towns in Colorado but I am watching from Cortez. Just wa), Sat 25 Apr 12:05:07 pm
Donna_Ear (Donna_Earleywine is awaiting service to begin), Sat 25 Apr 11:41:45 am
Joan_Mat (Joan_Mathis is giving an update on last request for prayer. God is on control. He directs our paths. A path that is for our goo), Sat 21 Mar 2:28:18 pm
Joan_Mat (Suit settled against me update.), Sun 8 Mar 5:19:51 pm
Keith_Lan (Keith_Lancaster is Getting ready to answer a prayer request...), Sat 28 Feb 3:25:11 pm
Joan_Mat (Joan_Mathis is praying for favor in a suit against me for an acccident), Sat 21 Feb 12:05:34 pm
Joan_Mat (Joan_Mathis is requesting prayer. Suit on me for auto accident. Minor and no injuries noticed by me the defendant. False statem), Mon 16 Feb 8:02:10 pm
Joan_Mat (Joan_Mathis is changing her password.), Sat 31 Jan 1:43:38 pm