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What You Can Expect On Every Sunday


Looking for a church or even checking out a church can be a daunting experience, and in some cases terrifying. Our desire is to make it less so.


First thing you need to know is that we are just people like you. Some of us may be younger or older, have families or not, have high profile lives or less than that, and so on and so forth. But we get up each morning with a desire to make the day count and, hopefully, build relationships with others that will make the journey better. I think people often feel when they come to church that everyone is going to judge them or think they are better. C.O.R.E. Life Ministries is a little different. Every one of us has come from some form of brokenness, loneliness, or even emptiness. So if you ever experienced that, then you will fit right in.


Second, right now we are a small church of about 30 people. We do not want to remain small, because we feel we have a lot to offer people so they can have a better life. We have committed ourselves to building relationships with those in and outside our church. We want more than just a church service that you come to and go home. We want relationships that work together to connect us with the life that Christ has called us to live and to help others do the same.


Third, we meet at Donaldson Elementary School located at 2040 W. Omar Drive, Tucson 85704. You will see our signs off N. La Cholla and W. Omar. We meet in the Multipurpose Room (MPR). It is basically a small gym/cafeteria. When you walk in, expect that people will see you and come over to meet you. We do not have ushers or trained greeters. It’s just us. We come up to you not to intimidate, but to try to make you comfortable. You can ask us anything and we will do our best to accommodate.


There is a CAFÉ that offers something to eat or drink and a Keurig machine so you can help yourself to your choice of flavored coffee. Oh yes, we believe coffee is essential to a great worship experience!  Also, there is some information that you can obtain there as well. You can grab a guest program that tells you about our church, and connection cards that we would like for you to fill out; on the back of the card is a survey where you can help us know how we can better accommodate you. Believe us when we say we are interested in what you have to tell us and will take everything on your card very seriously. You will also find a sheet that will help you follow the message, and give you some things to think about for the rest of the week.


You can sit anywhere you like. If you can’t find a place to sit for yourself or family, don’t worry. We’ll make sure you have a place. Everyone is willing to assist you in any way to make you comfortable.


Everyone meets together first, and if you have small children ages 1-6, they will be dismissed to an age-appropriate class after we sing a couple of songs together. You will feel at times as though you are at a family get-together on Christmas (it is sort of neat if you are prepared for it).


My wife Denise, along with Linda, John, Jason, or Kim, will lead us in a few songs that relate to our spiritual walk and everyday lives. We have chosen to step away from the concert type of venue and have a more unplugged experience. There will be words up on our monitor that you can sing to or just think about. (If you would like those words…just ask and we can email them to you.)


After the kids are dismissed, I (Don, the pastor) will begin to present a topic that addresses an important need and why it is important, and then lead us to see what God has to say about it through the Bible. After that, I conclude with an action step so that we can see if it works for us through the week.


During my message, I invite people to be interactive, and for those who prefer not to say things in this setting, I’m very open to questions after service and/or to meet with you to discuss things throughout the week. Too often people have gone to church and have sat through sermon after sermon and never had their lives touched.


After the presentation, we take communion. We leave our seats and gather at a table that has grape juice and bread that represent what Jesus did for us on the Cross. If you believe in Jesus, we invite you to participate, and if you do not, or you aren’t sure, you don’t have to participate. It really is okay. Just enjoy the experience being with others whose hearts and lives have been changed by this time of remembrance.


Next, we have a few announcements. Then a prayer is given and we are done. Those who choose to donate or make an offering can do so at the CAFÉ (a black mail box is there for that purpose). Most of the time we hang out. We leave whenever we’re ready. Many times some of us go out to eat, and we would love you to join us.


We encourage people to join our Connection Group that meets during the week. If you want a stronger sense of community, we would love to have you be there. We all go over to my house on Wednesday nights at 6:30-8pm. You can let us know on the Connection Card, or just ask, if this interests you.


One last thing you should know is that we are absolutely honored that you came to our church. We know that we are not the church for everyone, but for those who are looking for relationships, a connection with God, and a better take on life…, we are so excited about the awesome things God is going to do in your life and how our church will grow in its effectiveness because of our relationship with you.






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