Bringing Interactivity into the Church!



Your Web Based Church Management System

The greatest thing about your integrated church management system is that it's integrated with your Online Community. So as your members are interacting and updating their profiles in the online community, they are keeping the church management records up to date!

Your church management system includes all the tools to keep the web site current, as well as a host of communication tools like automated newsletter blasts, automated email blasts, even a web based phone call system is integrated!

So you can manage all your members, assemble them into groups, create family records and even track attendance.

You management system also includes a secure contribution recording system that allows members to view their personal giving records securely online from the church site.

There's even outreach tools and the best thing is that you can grant lay leaders and volunteers individual access to portions of the admin area. For example, your treasurer can access the contribution area while you may allow another to keep the newsletter current. All of your staff and trusted lay leaders can help make sure that all your church management and communication info is current and correct!