Johnson - Atkinson
Spiritual Growth Fund

The Johnson - Atkinson Fund is a gift to the church to inspire and support development of church ventures and to facilitate spiritual growth.  It is intended to serve as a catalyst for new energy and commitment to grow in the knowledge and love of God in Christ and radiate God's love in an ever-changing world. We are thankful for the thoughtfulness of this gift from Bill and Mary Johnson who established this fund for the church.

Any church group, member, or staff of First Parish is eligible to fill out an application.  The Johnson - Atkinson Fund Team will review the applications and determine the recipient(s). The funds may be distributed annually or biannually, dependent on the committee's judgment and fund balances. The fund is not intended to support the annual budget of the church, personnel costs, or cost of operations.












Bill Johnson












   Mary Johnson


Examples of
Fundable Ventures

  • Meet emerging professional development and/or retraining needs of Church Staff.

  • Support training programs and conferences for teachers or volunteers undertaking new tasks.

  • Enhance the music program by providing training for directors, sponsoring special guests, concerts and musical experiences.

  • Explore new means and relationships to involve youth with the Church and in servicing others.

  • Support creation of special events to promote spiritual growth within the Church community.

  • Development of Church fellowship groups.

  • Develop ongoing programs and activities for assimilation of new members.

  • Explore and provide materials to foster individual and family meditation.

  • Update the Church library for the use of the staff and congregation at large.

Spiritual Growth Ventures


Dorrie Roedner [Mission Team]
Adult Literacy Program (click to view PDF)
Contact the Adlt Literacy Program

Ray Lund
An Artistic Journey with the Spirit (click to view PDF)

Read Ray's Blog (click here to leave FPC website)


Brent Riche
Financial Peace University

To date the following items have been purchased using the JASF monies: 8 Total Money Makeover books ( available in the church library); 1 Smart Money Smart Kids book ( soon to be available in the church library); 1 scholarship to a spring 2014 FPU class member $1500.

Due the timing of the funding, fewer scholarships were awarded. Nine scholarships have yet to be awarded.  As a reminder, the scholarships are awarded contingent upon the recipient in turn paying it forward for another person's or family's' FPU membership and encouraging them to do the same and so on. The ultimate goal being to empower freedom from debt and increase giving to the church. 

Scholarship follow up report: The first scholarship was awarded to Terri, a local 65-year-old woman who said,

"For the first time I have hope and financial peace. I now have the tools to make better financial choices. I was taught by my parents to use credit cards and buy what I want, when you wanted it. That life pattern got me into big financial trouble. I am in much better shape today, not debt free, yet much closer. FPU changed my life! Thank you to First Parish for hosting FPU!" 

Previous FPU class stats:
• 2014 Spring FPU:
17 people retired $339k in non-mortgage debt (spread over 60 credit cards).
2014 Fall FPU:
12 people retired $513k non-mortgage (spread over 23 credit cards).
• 2013 Fall FPU:
$26k in debt erased in 9 weeks. (avg. $1750 per person).
An alumnus of the 2013 fall class became debt free in just 8 months.

Important Notes

Application deadlines are
February 28 and
September 28.

For more information
Heather MacLean

To access the
online application, click the button.


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