Meeting Minutes

NOTE:  Some of the recently listed minutes below may not have been approved by the respective
Church Council, team, or group.  That approval usually happens at the following meeting.

RECORDERS: Meeting Templates Are Below, Avialable for Download.
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If you don't see the minutes you need, contact the chairperson of that team or group.

Church Council


Facilities Team

Good News Team

Mission Team

Music and Arts Team

Women's Fellowship

FPCC Ministries

Flower & Altar


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of  First Parish
Church, UCC's,

meeting minutes

prior to April 2017

The Church Council has asked all teams and groups to use a 3-column format, with columns labeled 'Item,'  'Discussion,'  and 'Resolution,'  respectively.  Download document format you can use or follow the PDF template.


                              Use Word template in Microsoft's Word software, use Pages in Apple's Pages software.  If you use a different word processor software, follw the layout in the PDF file to build a template in that word proceesing software.  
Open Office, similar to Word, is free software to use on either on a Window's or Apple computer.


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