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First and foremost, it is in the act of giving that we receive. Through selfless giving we discover that we become the one who is nurtured and fed.  Please serve the multiplicity of needs at First Parish by volunteering to serve on one of the 25 teams or groups listed here.  Serving is part of our membership with First Parish Church.  In turn, the light of Christ will fill your heart through fellowship and service to one another.

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Asset Ministry

The responsibilities include overseeing all assets of the Church including: facilities, gifts, information systems, investments, money counting, personnel and stewardship. Exception: the creation and oversight of the Annual Budget shall be the responsibility of the Church Council. This Ministry includes the following Teams listed below.


Facilities Team

The Facilities Team shall have care and custody of Church properties. They shall have the responsibility to contract for electricity, fuel, insurance, and any other regular expenses of the Church.

Charitable Contributions
and Memorial Gifts Team

This Team receives, approves or disapproves, all new bequests and contributions for The Memorial Gift Fund. The Fund (including principal and earnings) shall be used for tangible memorial purposes determined by this Team, in light of the current needs of the Church and the interests of the family of the person or persons being memorialized. The name of the person or persons being memorialized by the contribution shall be entered permanently in the Memorial Book of Remembrance.


Information Systems Team

The Information Systems Team will manage, support and implement Information Technology as a secure, efficient, cost-effective and time-saving tool. This will include website, network, hardware, software, telecommunications, security disaster recovery, business systems and consulting support services. These responsibilities will not include the media (audio/video) system in the Church which is the responsibility of the Media Team.


Investment Team

The Investment Team shall manage the endowment portfolio of the Church and may manage the funds of other organizations of First Parish Church, if these organizations so request. The Investment Team shall engage the services of a professional advisor unless the Church Council waives this requirement. All expenses for this and other expenses pertaining to the cost of operating the Investment Fund will be paid for by the Fund.

The Investment Team shall administer all bequests, trusts, legacies and other funds in strict accordance with the terms of such bequests, in such a way as to facilitate the stated purpose and goals of the Church. The Investment Team shall report the status of all funds to the Stewardship Team and to the Assets Ministry at least semiannually.

Money Counting Team

In consultation with the Office Administrator, the Money Counting Team will count income each week.  A report will be completed in accordance with written procedures. Bank deposits will be made.

Personnel Team

If you have been wondering how to invest your time and talent in a way that will be of benefit to First Parish,  consider joining the Personnel Team.  The team handles the human resource work necessary for maintaining our excellent staff, meeting at least once a month while conducting as much business as possible via e-mail.  Working within the newly revised Bylaws of the Church and our Employee Personnel Policies Handbook, we deal with a variety of issues:  the orientation of new staff, payroll matters, annual staff interviews, the sizeable salaries portion of the Church budget, etc., with an ongoing smattering of new projects to keep things interesting.  While some churches our size employ a Business Manager to handle this work, First Parish has a long tradition of involving dedicated volunteers in these efforts.  Current Personnel Team members Mike Sullivan,  David Strosahl, and Lisa Denner will be happy to answer your questions and help you explore this opportunity. If you have ever had an interest in Human Resource or people management, now is the perfect time to get exposure. We invite you to join us in this important and rewarding work.

Stewardship Team

This team is dedicated to educating all of us about the joys of Stewardship throughout the year. Stewardship, within the context of the church, is donations of 
          TIME      TALENT       TREASURE
which are the basis of how the church functions. As a Team it is our desire to honor these three stewardship functions. 
Our fall campaign focuses on fostering understanding of First Parish’s financial picture, as well as how each member can help financially. The financial campaign culminates on Consecration Sunday in November and the financial results of that campaign determines our budget for the following year. 

Program Development Team

The Program Development Team, in consultation with the Senior Minister, shall provide guidance for organizing adult programs for fellowship and learning.

Discipleship and
Fellowship Ministry

Discipleship/Fellowship Ministry – The responsibilities include overseeing all issues and activities associated with discipleship and fellowship including: Christian education, history, hospitality, library, mission, nominating, volunteer coordination, programs (other than Worship), and integration of people who attend the Church into the life of the Church. This Ministry includes the following Teams listed below.

Christian Education Team

The Christian Education Team, in consultation with the Senior Minister, shall provide guidance and direction to the Director of Christian Education, Youth Fellowship and Advisors, and Groups formulated for the purpose of Christian Education at First Parish Church.

History and Library Team

The History and Library Team will manage historical documentation, books and other media. At least one member of this Team will be a Historian who shall: (a) preserve, track and maintain the Church's heritage by archiving records, documents and memorabilia, and (b) educate people as to what is available. At least one member of this Team will be a Librarian. The focus of the Librarian will be on maintaining and expanding the Church’s Library. The Historian or Librarian may, from time to time with approval of the Discipleship/Fellowship Ministry, form Task Forces to work on special projects and/or Church heritage.

Mission Team

The Mission Team shall support, strengthen, and develop programs of mission; provide resources to help the congregation understand the scope and purpose of mission; inform and encourage the congregation toward new mission opportunities; and call for personal service as well as financial support of the Church locally, nationally, and world-wide. 

Nominating and Volunteer Coordination Team

This Team shall recommend to the Church Council a slate of Officers, Church Council members and Delegates as provided by these Bylaws for election by the Church Body at its Annual Meeting. The Nominating and Volunteer Coordination Team shall also identify the interest, passion and calling of the people who worship at Church and work with the Council, Teams and Ministries to assist in matching people with the most appropriate Teams and Task Forces. Nominating and Volunteer Coordination Team members should represent a cross-section of Church interests and responsibilities.

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team, works with teams, groups, and other organizations of the Church to facilitate appropriate hospitality and fellowship activities and events.  A main duty is being responsible for the Sunday 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. coffee hours.
1 Peter 4:8-9: Above all hold unfailing your love for one another, since love covers a multitude of sins. Practice hospitatlity ungrudgingly to one another.

United Church of Christ Delegates

Delegates to the York Association and the Maine State Conference of the U.C.C. shall consist of the Senior Minister, four (4) Members or Associate Members, and one (1) youth member elected for a one (1) year term who shall be elected at each Annual Meeting and who may be reelected without limitation. Delegates for other ecumenical/interfaith bodies will be considered by the Council on an as-needed basis. The Church Council will see that the Delegates are provided with an orientation and are provided a procedure by which Delegates shall report on activities of the Conference, Association and other Council-approved ecumenical/interfaith bodies.

Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry – The responsibilities include overseeing all elements related to the Worship of God including: diaconate, flower and altar, media, music and arts and parish pastoral relations. This Ministry includes the following Teams listed below.

Diaconate Team

The Diaconate Team, together with the Senior Minister, shall be charged with the religious oversight of the Church. They shall be a source of counsel and assistance to the Senior Minister. They shall assist the Senior Minister in ministering to the needs of the Church and the community.

The Diaconate Team shall be charged with the religious oversight of the Church in the absence of the Senior Minister or when the Ministerial Office is vacant.

The Diaconate Team shall assist the Senior Minister in administering the Sacraments, the reception of new Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members, and in other special services of the Church for which their assistance is requested.


Flower and Altar Team

The team is pleased to make our sanctuary, church and grounds beautiful in the eyes of God and pleasing for the congregation to promote a sacred space, a holy ground to worship Him.

This Team shall be responsible for the distribution of altar flowers.

Media Team

The Media Team shall create multimedia content for use on the Church’s media (audio/video) system, manage, schedule, operate and maintain this system for Worship and all other events requiring its use.

Music and Arts Team

This Team, together with the Minister and the Director of Music, shall be charged with the oversight of the musical and artistic life of the Church.

Parish Pastoral Relations Team

The PPRT will be an advocate for the pastoral positions and will provide support for the people in those positions. The Senior Minister will have input on PPRT selection.

Other Church-Related Groups

Other church-related organizations integral to the life of the Church may have their own bylaws and separate budget. 

Calling Ministry Group

Visits parishioners on a journey to wholeness and shut-ins.

Meals Ministry Group

Prepares evening meals for the church and wider community; offers a free meal to anyone once a year.

Prayer Group

Collects prayers of joy, celebration, and grief from varied sources and brings them forth for community awareness and support. 

Top of the Hill Gang

An informal group that meets once a week for coffee and for assistance with church events and facilities maintenance. 

Women's Fellowship

A fellowship of women who meet in the morning once a week, discussing the issues of the day while working on their favorite crafts.

Subject to the will of the Church Body and Church Council each Ministry shall be responsible for:

  • Long-range planning of their respective Ministry;

  • Development of new and revised policies and programs in their areas of the Church’s activities which must be approved by the Church Council;

  • Receipt and approval of reports, on a regular basis, from all Teams within their respective Ministry;

  • Communication and cooperation among all Teams, Task Forces and Groups that are part of their respective Ministry;

  • Development of budgets for their respective Ministry for review and approval by Church Council;

  • Authorization to spend up to but no more than the portion of the Annual Church Budget specifically allocated for that particular Ministry in total including any adjustments approved by the Church Council. Each Ministry must obtain Church Council approval prior to making any purchases or commitments above that portion of the Annual Church Budget specifically allocated to that specific Ministry; and

  • Seeing that the Moderator or Vice Moderator signs all Purchase Orders, Standard Contract Agreements, and any other agreements or Contracts (referred to in this section as “Contract” or “Contracts”) in amounts over $500 that have received prior approval of the Church Council.

Suggestions for each Ministry:

At the ministry meetings, each team/group rep will give a short summary of the highlights of their latest meeting.

Each ministry team or group is to use the two forms common to the council and all teams and groups:

      1.  Agenda

      2.   Minutes with three columns which includes an agenda
      column, an action column, and a to whom assigned column.

Copy and paste minutes of each CC, team, group, task force meeting on the website unless minutes are of a confidential nature.  When a team or ministry is ready to start posting, send the first set of minutes to the Website Group at: 

They will set up the account and send you instructions for future postings.

Subject to the will of the Church Body and Church Council each Ministry Representative shall be responsible for:

  • Helping to see that meetings happen and encourage participation but do not assume leadership.

  • Overseeing the responsibilities his/her Ministry.

  • Periodically check the website and report inaccuracies or updates to the Website Group.

  • Asking each ministry what they would like highlighted at Church.


    Giving the Church Council a short oral update at the next CC meeting.

  • Giving a short oral summary of the discussions from CC that relate to his/her specific Ministry (or to the church as a whole when needed).

  • Discussing at the Worship Ministry that Liturgists are not represented at the Ministry level.  

Information To Be Shared

  • Church Council will be made aware of the highlights of each Ministry Meeting.

  • Each Ministry needs to be aware of the highlights of each team that comprises it.

  • Ministry benefits from highlights of other Ministries.

  • Each Ministry will be apprised of highlights of Church Council meetings. 




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