First Baptist Church of Sharon
Shalom - Many Cultures and Journeys Rooted in Christ

Our Staff


Pastor: Reverend Lois K. Adams


Moderator: Stu Partington


Clerk: Willo Cunningham,

Brenda Carroll  (Assistant)


Secretary: Rui Zhang


Treasurer: Betty Liu


Collector:  Stu Partington,

Myrtle David  (Assistant)


Chair of the Diaconate: Linda Cunningham


Chair of Worship:  Serena Gilchrist


Chair of the Trustees: David Phares


Chair of Christian Education: Helen Haneef, Sally Partington (co-chairs)


Chair of Missions & Outreach: Serena Springstead Gilchrist


Chair of Pastoral Relations: Sally Partington


Videographer: OC Houston


Organist: Tanya Schwartzman