Kingdom Men



Kingdom Men is ministry headed by Pastor Randy Winkles to men and ministry through men.  Everything is focused on empowering men to provide real help to other keeping it simple.  The simplier it is, the more effective it will be.  Make the time to come out, engage other men of God, have a cup of coffee and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you and through you to other men around you. Kingdom Men Gatherings happen Annually on the last weekend of April and we meet everyone other month for a time of fellowship outside the church.   Please check the calendar for our next Kingdom Men's Meeting.   



Women of Worth



Minister Belinda Handy is the Director of Women of Worth.  With a love and passion to the minister to women, she continuelly looks for ways to show the women of Living Faith their true worth in the eyes of God.  Women of Worth meets the 2nd Friday of the Month at 6:30PM.  It is a time of refreshing, refining and reviving destines.   





Minister Roseanna Gonzalez is the Director of Student Ministries (6th-12th grade) at LFCC.  Overflow ministers to the spiritual and physical needs of  ages fo 12-18 (Jr & Sr High Students) We meet immediately following the Worship Service on the 2nd & 4th Sunday Mornings.  



Kingdom Kids





Pastor Lori Winkles oversees these ambitious youngsters and is committed to their spiritual growth and the solid foundation in Christ that they will need as they interact ever more frequently with the unsaved world in which we live. She lovingly and wisely teaches them through Word-based games and, sometimes, song and dance. She has the assistance of two volunteers in order to assure all the children receive the individual attention they need, and parents are encouraged to volunteer.  Kingdom Kids meets on Sundays, 10:30AM-12:00PM



Little Lambs Nursery




Care is provided for babes and toddlers in our Faith Babies Nursery, so that their parents can participate fully in the Sunday Celebration, confident that their little ones are well cared for. Care is also provided, periodically, during discipleship classes and special events--if available, qualified volunteers can be found. All our Nursery volunteers are required to have been trained in CPR for babies and children, to assure the greatest degree of safety for each child, and parents are encouraged to present themselves as volunteers once or twice a quarter, in order to allow the full-time volunteers the opportunity to obtain their own refreshing in the Lord by attending a full Celebration Service. How better to say, "Thank You," to the women with whom you entrust your most precious possession on a weekly basis?  

Helping Hands


Helping Hands Ministry is a community outreach that provides food boxes, clothing, a hot meal, and the community. All these are distributed on a weekly basis on Thursday afternoons from the Fellowship Hall behind the church. Volunteers are always welcomed to help minister to the needs of our community through preparation in sorting clothes, set up for the hot meal distribution and clean up afterwards. In addition, donations of paper plates, bowls, disposable silverware and cups for hot or cold beverages, napkins and concentrated punch is always appreciated.  Every Thursday, LFCC has the opportunity to minister to the community with a hot meal.  The numbers have grown to about 80 people weekly.  Your donations help us continue to minister to the people in our community by providing a hot meal, so please, the next time you’re at Costco, Sam’s Club, etc, think about Helping Hands and purchase some supplies and become a part of ministering to our community through providing Hot Meals.