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Marion Pope - "I appreciate you so much, you are so much like me. Running your service up to the max in every way. My heart is at peace with the future of the church knowing that you and Kelly are there. You all are awesome. The future has untold blessings in store for you!! I Love you!,
Jenny Ann May - "my bag of tricks is new, but YOUR bag of tricks is worn in and been used so many times that you know exactly what you have and when to use it. you are one of those that we in the nursing business like to call "dinosaurs". that is one of the best compliments we can give. thank you for your support and encouragement. i hope you can help me break in my!!" Regina Miller - "Type an encouraging note here....Jessica,the first day I heard the "Annointing" of His presence on you,I was touched by it!I want you to see what your ministry is doing in the Spiritual realm.My! is the Lord pleased!I am you no.1 fan.............when you can,make tapes we can share with thos needing to be loved by the Father..I've been there,I know what effect your music has on the spirit,when it's hurting."
Josh May - "HI" Melanie Morrow - "Thank you for calming my OCD!! Ha! You are a great friend and I don't know what I would do without you!! I've never met anyone as dependable and faithful as you!! Thanks for all that you do for WCCI and our family! Thank you for being the sister that I never had!! Love you!" Stephanie Anderson - "hope you've had a great week! we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. hopefully we'll be back tomorrow now that i am starting to feel better after being sick for the past 3 weeks. getting together sounds great, maybe we can do that soon! have a beautiful saturday! we've missed you guys!"
Wayne Perkins - "Jessica and Kelly May you are Trumpets of Gods praise. raiseing the spirits of Gods people. your voices are as angels of the lord. you have brought me into Gods presents everytime you sing. even at times healing my soul when it was troubled. I am very Thankful and blessed that God has made you apart of my life through song music praise an worship and much more. such love you show through your voice of praise what a true blessing you have been to me and michael you have brought us to a place with the lord that we never want to leave. we love you. wayne and michael." Ray Taylor - "I just wanted to tell you guys how much i love you and how thankful I am for all the prayers and encouragement you have given me during the hardest times of my life." Josh May - "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Stephanie Anderson - "happy anniversary!" Ray Taylor - "Jessica, that beautiful voice of yours has the angels singing everytime you open you mouth. You and Kelly have a beautiful daughter that gives Granny and Mama joy everytime she performs in praise and motion or gives a testamony at church. I love you so much and am thanful you are in our family. Have a blessed day." Marion Pope - "I thank God every day for my wonderful daughter!! I love you too honey!!!!"
Kelly May - "Hey Baby, Just want you to know that you are my world. I dont want to even try to imagine what my life would be without you. After 11 years of marrige I still think about everything that we went through to get together. Ive been around the world and you were right here waiting on me,and for that I thank you. Kelly & Jessica,You just cant say one without the other.YOUR STILL THE ONE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!" Lynne Taylor - "It is wonderful seeing what the Lord has done in your life. You will never know how many lives you touch just by obeying the Lord and singing with your beautiful voice. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful....I love you girl...See you Sunday.
p.s. do you remember that song you and your dad use to sing together? Hint Hint....LOL"
Clint Morrow - "just wanted to say i love you sis and its good to be back!!!!!!!"
Kaleigh May - "hey mommy

Jamie Pope - "Hello Baby Girl! Mama loves you so so much, and wants to thank you for all you do to serve the body of Christ at WCCI. Could'nt make it without you and Kelly. Thanks for the meal you both prepared, it was better than Zaxby's. Ha! Keep up the anointed singing! Love you much, Mom" Ray Taylor - "Jessica, Thank you for all your help you have provided for me and everyone associated with the Judah II project. You will never know how much it means to us for you taking the time to guide us step by step. We are so blessed to have someone like you to learn from. Thanks again and May God Bless You Infinatly. Your favorite cousin on Kelly's side of the family. lol Ray Taylor"
Jamie Pope - "Thank you again and again for the servant heart you have, and for loving God's people unconditionally. You have grown up spiritually in Christ the last year, and now things are moving! Praise God! Such a vital part of the Leadership at WCCI! Keep it up as Christ dwells in you richly. Love You, Mom" Cindy Cline - " is so good to chat with ya even briefly.Haha..God has blessed us all so wonderfully and i am so thankful for family and friends.Have a blessed and awesome to all..cindy " Kelly May - "i love you!!!!!!"
Lorraine Peacock - "Good Morning! Just wanted to say "Hey!" and let you know that I appreciate you so much. We don't get to talk to much outside of church, but I know if there is one person I can count on to be there for me it is you. Thank you for all of your love and support over the last 12 years. You have been a blessing and an inspiration to me. You and Kelly continously give to WCCI and are a wonderful example to us all. I love you, girl!!" Dianna Meeks - "I was sharing with Tracey that I got to sit down with you, Kelly and Linda after Judah 2 dance lessons yesterday. That was SPECIAL to me and I'm thankful for that extra time with you!! It makes me realize more why I love you people so much! We truly are connected and God has done that for us.....for our comfort and exhortation....and for His Glory! I believe the future holds something very important for all of us and that TOGETHER we will do exploits in His Name and by His Power!

I can't thank you and Kelly enough for all you are doing each week in Judah 2. In the natural it's unheard of to do what you are doing and for no cost to the people. It truly is God and it's a humble experience to be given to in such a wonderful way. My children and I are blessed of God to be receiving from you, Kelly and the other music ministers at WCCI. We greatly look forward each week to being with you on Sunday! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You for being obedient to God and letting Him give and love through you!

I love you, Kelly and Kaleigh so much and I see the love that you all have for each other. It's most precious!

Your Sister In Jesus, Dianna"
Dianna Meeks - "I too use the word "Busi-ness". It came to mind this morning as I thought of things being "too busy", not allowing for things you want to do and need to do.

I've had this thought before, and it came to me again yesterday real strong after we saw you all through the McDonald's drive thru (How neat! We got excited!) I told the girls that I want to have your family up for fellowship and food. That would be so much fun and so edifying! I do think that it's a "God Thought" so I will trust Him to set a time for us to do that.

So nice hearing from you today! Thank you for taking time to write!

Love, Dianna

Dianna Meeks - "Jessica,

I appreciate so much your willingness to sing and bless God! You don't "have" to sing, you "get" to sing! :)

Thank you for ministering to Grace Village Church tonight. It was precious, sincere and highly anointed by God. "God has anointed YOU" (Acts 10:38) Thank you for "doing some GOOD!" for us tonight! :)

Hope to see you more this week! Your presence makes a wonderful difference!

Dianna "
Dianna Meeks - "Encouragements from Jessica two days in a row! That in itself excited me! Then when I saw the picture of the girls, I got really excited! THANK YOU!!! I have tried to add a profile picture but haven't been able to so far. I have just forgotten to ask Josh for help. So what you did for me was a real blessing! Thank you again for taking that liberty that you have as an Administrator! :)I would appreciate ANY pictures you want to put in my album.

I talked to "Cilla" many times yesterday about "Jessica with the big red necklace" and "her mommy, Sister Jamie". She knew EXACTLY who I was talking about. :) All my girls LOVE WCCI! Nathanael "probably" wishes "Pastor Cahill's Church (Ha!) didn't last so long! Ha!

Josh's friends expressed to him that they enjoyed church Sunday. THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking Bruce (GO BRUCE!) to sing! I know God used that to bless them. I appreciate WCCI allowing God to do the scheduling. :)

I came very close to emailing you yesterday morning. I even thought of calling you. I want to share something REALLY NEAT with you about "The Dance"! :) I believe THAT GOD is doing something with that. I'll share some neat things with you soon but I do feel like the "birthing" of "The Dance" is coming through WCCI. I am excited and surprised and the thoughts/desires God is putting into me and my girls concerning this. Each day now we are almost CONSUMED with what we can "The Dance". I'm sure that label was inspired by the song we danced to "Praise Him With THE DANCE". We will NEVER forget our first dance!!!!! :)

Love, Excitement, Peace & Joy!!
Dianna "
Ray Taylor - "Jessica, you are such a blessing to me and my family, not to mention how I appreciate you taking care of Kelly and seeing how deeply you love him. I truely love you guys from the bottom of my heart. Your family; although not biologically kind to me feel like my family. I will never be able to express in words what you and your family means to me. God Bless You and I love you guys. have a great day, I love you again. Ray"
Johnny Smith - "Hi!jessica,sorry i missed you on the chat box ,but i am not to good at this is so good to hear from you,i hope to see you guys soon. you are a great access to the church,keep on keeping in the lord. be my friend j.smith " Ray Taylor - "Oh Jessica, I could never find the words to thank you and Kelly for what you guys did today. I cried tears of Joy while you were singing the song I wrote for my mother. What a mothers day gift you enabled me to give her. I can just see her and Granny praising the Lord and rejoicing with the King of Kings today. I will forever hold a place in my heart for the gift you and Kelly gave me today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys so much and have a blessed Mothers day. Ray Taylor" Dianna Meeks - "Jessica,
Priscilla climbed up in my lap and got really excited when she saw your picture on my Friends List. I asked her if she wanted to tell you anything. She said "Tell her I home". I asked if she wanted to tell you anything else and she said "Tell her Jessica is my friend". Then she said "No, Jamie is my friend". I asked "Is Jessica your friend too?" She said "Yeah...and Jamie".

Your mom had asked her yesterday if she would be her best friend, so that is what that's about. :) But she did get so excited when she saw your picture. So that means she loves you too! I'm sure she knows who loves her too!

You all are sooo good to my children, and they are drawn to you all! They LOVE WCCI!"
Amanda Smith - "Thank You it is good to be home it was a long drive but all worth it to see him. we had a blast. we will see you on wed. have a blessed week and tell Kaleigh hi from Cameron...he just loves yall" Kelly May - "Thanks Baby for cooking tonight for sis. Fransis. You are such a giver of your time and effort. I couldnt live without you. You are my everything!!!!!!! We are gonna grow old and gray together!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!" Kaleigh May - "hi mommy
i love you kk"
Kimberly Perry - "jessica
i just wanted to tell you when we were in class today that you have such a beautiful voice you sing so good.god has truly blessed you.not only with a good voice but being a good teacher on the piano as well thank you so much for taking time to prepare the next generation to serve the lord in music. your sister in christ kimberly"
Dianna Meeks - "GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!! "There's No God Like Jehovah!"
What AWESOME Praise and Worship you had at WCCI yesterday! You made ME cry....again! WOW!WOW!WOW!

Enjoying WCCI Livestream,
Sister Dianna"
Stephanie Anderson - "thank you so much for blessing us with such a delicious dessert tonight & for visiting with us! it's not until we're faced with such a personal tragedy that we realize how truly important our "family" is as we walk our journey to healing. we feel very blessed to be a part of the WCCI family!""
Rebekah Meeks - "Jessica, Thank you so much for being our Judah 2 vocal teacher you are soo good at it, Me and kim are so amazed at how you can do Altos, Sopranos and the Tenders And above all that you have a Beautiful Voice!

Looking Forward to vocals!

Kaleigh May - "HI MOMMY HOW ARE U LOVE U KALEIGH MAY" Archie Custer - "Hey Jessica, I just wanted to let you know that I think your a superhero. Mothers are AWESOME!!!"
Clarice Sweeton - "Hello Jessica, I think I'm finally figuring out how this web site works. HaHa. What can I say to you that hasn't aLready been said? I speak from the heart when I say your gift of music is amazing. I compare your voice to Sandy Patti, so clear and beautiful with such range that it raises the hair on my neck (if I had any). You're music along with the other members of the praise team has ministered to the very core of my soul. I'm not exagerating when I say that. You, Kelly, and Kaleigh have such a sweet sweet spirit and the love of God just flows from you. You, Kelly, & the rest of the Praise Team have an awesome ministry setting the tone for the rest of the service providing a forum for the Lord to move. That's a big responsibilty but not to big for you all!! God Bless you and thank you for your commitment and obedience to the Lord. Sis Jessica you are loved, Clarice" Ray Taylor - "Jessica, thank you for just being you Sunday. You just walked up to me with your beautiful smile and hugged me. I was so nervous Sunday, but after you hugged me I knew everything was going to be all right. I deep down inside didn't think anyone would judge me or anything but I was still scared. Well Thank you for just being yourself and always making people feel welcome. I have tried to get ahold of you and Kelly all week but have not had success. I love you so much and so thankful my cousin has the perfect Lady to spend the rest of his life with. Tell KK I said hi and I love her too. I will tell Kelly when I encourage him since I cannot get him on the phone either. Love ya lots girl, Ray Taylor" Dianna Meeks - "Happy Birthday Jessica!

With Love From The Meeks Family"
Marion Pope - "Your talent is so multifaceted. You are a blessing in so many ways! Thank you for staying with WCCI for you and Kelly both could be full time Music directors! May the Lord bless you more.....!!!!"    

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