Name: Amanda Owenby
Nickname: Amanda
Age: 26to35
Motto: "A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man would have to seek Him to find her." ~unknown
Profile address:
Where were you born?: Tennessee
Birthday: feb 22
Military?: none
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Amanda_Owenby is walking in faith and VICTORY!!...
Amanda_Owenby is getting things figured out. On CHRIST the SOLID ROCK I STAND ALL other ground is sinking sand!!...
Amanda_Owenby is earnestly praying for unity to be restored. I love you all....
Amanda_Owenby is walking in faith and victory, for the Lord my God is with me!!!...
Amanda Owenby is getting caught up. Praise Jesus!...
Amanda_Owenby is resting in Jesus grace and mercy!...
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About My Family: God has blessed me with two beautiful daughters, Megan Alyene and Amariah Rose. They are both so unique and special. They brighten everyday for me.
Current status of parents: Father and mother both alive
Parents status period: 26 to 50 years
Marital Status of Parents: married
Number of siblings: 1
Number of children 3 to 6 yrs old: 2
How Long: Less than 1 year
Current Marital Status: divorced
About My Education: I am currently attending Chattanooga State.
college_type: Community College
major: business
level: College Studies
My Testimony: WOW! Is there a word limit here? I have an amazing story like most everyone else. If you want to hear it all call or email me. I love to tell it. I love to hear others stories of accepting salvation. I was raised in "Church." Lukewarm would be safe to say. Then I had my first child at 24 and said, "Lord, there is no way that I can protect this child 24/7. I have to go to sleep someday!" So, that night in 2004 I gave her and myself over to Him as completely as I know how. We have been sleeping peaceful ever since! Praise God I am learning new ways to trust in, learn of and acknowledge His EXCELLENT PROVISION everyday! What a mighty God we serve!
Prayer Team: yes
Member/Attender: yes
Attitude toward God: Deeply committed to the things of God
Attendance at functions
in addition to Sunday worship: Every week
Attendance: Every week
Computer Activities: Do it regularly
websurf: One of my favorites
Home Improvement: Do it regularly
gardening: Do it regularly
Music Listening: One of my favorites
reading: One of my favorites
camping: Enjoy occasionally
boating: Enjoy occasionally
Motor Sports: Enjoy occasionally
fishing: Enjoy occasionally
walking: One of my favorites
bicycling: One of my favorites
tennis: One of my favorites
Favorite Radio Station: J103
Favorite Artist: Kutlass (right now)
Enjoys christian_hits
About My Work: I prepare income taxes for Jackson Hewitt in Tracy City Jan-April. 2009 made my 7th tax year! The rest of the year I work at the Bakery and I have a few bookkeeping clients. So, I stay pretty busy!! Praise the Lord for opportunity!

Business Name: The Dutch Maid Bakery
Company Size: Less than 10 employees
directory: yes
industry: Banking/Finance/Real Estate
occupation: other
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My friend Larry Rhea.

My friend Kelly May.

My friend Rebekah Meeks.

My friend Ray Taylor.

My friend Kimberly Perry.

My friend Jamie Pope.

My friend Regina Miller.

My friend Jessica May.

My friend Jeff Voll.

My friend Marion Pope.

1 Thes 5:11: "Encourage One Another..." (5 notes)
Larry Rhea - "Type an encouraging note here....Amanda, you are a blessing to Jeanette and me. Please keep doing what you are doing!!!"
Ray Taylor - "Amanda, I don't know the situation you are going through; however I do know that You can do all things through Christ who Strengthens you. Let the Lord lead you in the direction he chooses for your life, he will not take you in the wrong direction. You have authority by the words of Jesus to control any evil spirits or bad influences in your life; therefore, use your authority to control the situation and not let the situation control you. God Bless you and have a greatly blessed week. Your brother in Christ. Ray Taylor"
Jeff Voll - "Hi Amanda, thanks for comments about liking the layout of my page. If you take a look at my blog section of my page, there is an guide to embedding videos. I will also try to put on on there for the myspace comments in the near future. The biggest problem I found with doing some of the things that I did on my page is that I had to go into the souce code and format it when I wanted to change something, especially video. I hate to count the number of hours I put into my page to get it to the point it is now. But if I can help you in any way, please feel free to send me an email and I will try to walk you through it. Have a great and blessed Sunday! God Bless, Jeff"
Jeff Voll - "Hi Amanda, thanks for the visit to my page and the add to your friends list. Your testimony is great. And yes you do look like a dixie darlin. :-). Your daughters look darlin too. Did I read that correctly that you are going to school and working? Wow, if that is the case. Between the girls, work and school how did you even find time to visit my page? Well, hopefully you time to visit it more often and if nothing else enjoy the music on there. I hope you feel as blessed and loved with the WCCI family as I do. All of you are so awesome. Have a truly blessed a favored day and tomorrow.. In Jesus' name..Amen. Jeff"
Marion Pope - "I will never forget the night when you recieved the Holy Spirit. It will be forever in my memory the blessing that you are to both Jamie and I and the church at Winchester!!"

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