Service is hosted at the Engstroms House during October, Harpers for November, and Kirschbaums for December. 
Last Week for the Baby Bottle October Fund Raising and Awareness Campaign so don't forget to pick up a bottle if you have not already. There are alot still available.  Return your bottle - Full or Empty - back on October 28th. 
Preaching Fellowship .  Saturday, November 10th from 9 AM to Noon for Men active in or interested in Preaching at Foothills at HCC Library.   Topic to be discussed TBD and a few suggestions below.  The Portland Fellowship archive is HERE
  • Alexander Strauch:  Paul's Farewell to the Ephesians Elders
  • Ray Ortlund Jr: Preaching the Gospel from the Old Testament
  • Paul Miller:  Moving Forward with Hope in a Dying World
Worship Service Playlist  -  If you have Spotify you can use the following playlists for your family and personal worship time during the week. 
Click here for February 4th Sevice Lord's Day Worship Set 
Mobile Versions of Our Website  If you want to use a mobile version of our website, then you can download the Android version here and the iPhone/iPad version here.


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