Service is hosted at the DeBucheres' for June except for the last weekend of June.  We are also looking for volunteers to fill some dates for Communion and/or Worship with the next Worship open spot on July 14th (if a local service is held during Sunday Celebration).  See the online church schedule from link on our Home page or go to the Who We Are -> Download Files/From to download the 2019 Service Schedule PDF.  

Special Location June 30th  The Kinzels will be hosting our service on Sunday June 30 at Penrose State Park

Sunday Celebration. Sunday, July 14.  in Vancouver, WA at 10 am. Over the years we have joined other HOFFC Churches for a shared service.  This year Thom will be preaching.  Picnic lunch as is our tradition, with each family bring enough to feed their own family.  Foothills Service would be at this location depending on the number of people planning to go down and we encourage all Families to come down and worship and fellowship with other Families from HOFCC.  We need to provide the Fellowship Leadership with expected number of families planning on being apart.  Please be prepared to give some feedback on Sunday June 23 to Erik or respond to the MailChimp Email Annoucement weather you are planning on going or not going.   Every driver to the event that responds by June 23rd will get a $50 Gift Card to help with travel expenes!

Preaching Fellowship.  Saturdays Men active in or interested in Preaching at Foothills someday or simply improving your devotion leading in your own home or you want to see your leaders in preperation. Next quarterly dates being planned for August.   Some Topics we have covered and are considering are below.  The Portland Fellowship archive is HERE.   Each session last 3-4 hours with an hour for a meal together 8AM to Noon.

  • (November 2018 Fellowship) Tim Keller Preaching to the Heart - >  Youtube Video and Notes
  • (March, April, August 2019) Dr Steve Robbins Interpreting the Scriptures.
  • (Future Option) Alexander Strauch:  Paul's Farewell to the Ephesians Elders -> Audio and Notes
  • (Future Option) Ray Ortlund Jr: Preaching the Gospel from the Old Testament
  • (Future Option) Paul Miller:  Moving Forward with Hope in a Dying World

Albania Missions Opportunity:  Foothills members are invited to visit Albania during the summer during what Edi Demo calls PECA Project Month (PECA=Planting and Establishing Churches in Albania).  Individuals, friends and families will be welcome and put to work.  Details below:

  • The summer project 2019 will be from June 15-July 28, 2019
  • The components of the summer project will be: teaching English using God’s word (children and adults); music, crafting, and drama.
  • The costs inside the country are $50 per day, including hotel, meals and transportation.
  • Contact Edi for more info:

Worship Service Playlist  -  If you have Spotify you can use the following playlists for your family and personal worship time during the week. 

Mobile Versions of Our Website  If you want to use a mobile version of our website, then you can download the Android version here and the iPhone/iPad version here.


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