Sun 7 Aug 2011

  Today! Miracles! Be there! 10:30 am

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Sun 7 Aug 2011

  Such a flow of the Spirit last night. Life is flowing like a river.....

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Thu 4 Aug 2011

  Countdown till Saturday Miracles and Healing! Dr. Ronnie Pierce Saturday 6:00 PM!

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Sat 16 Jul 2011

  What an awesome night last night. Hear the Trumpets of Healing Sound!

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Tue 12 Jul 2011

  Follow me on twitter @wccipastor

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Tue 12 Jul 2011

  I am sooo looking forward to Wednesday Night Service. Life that flows like a river!

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Sat 29 Jan 2011

  The Rain - Sittin' at His Feet

From the posts on the Rain and Influence Facebook pages, it could be easily seen that Friday Night's The Rain was going to be the greatest night so far.  The excitement was a seed bed of miracles as PK (Pastor Kelly) said at the onslaught of the service.  The intensity of worship was at the heights.  

Zach Davis from Ootlewah Church of God began on the text of the Woman who washed Jesus' Feet with her tears and dried His feet with her hair.  The alabaster box that was broken.  He illustrated that the  broken box representing us breaking our box and throwing ourselves whole heartily at His feet in worship.  That music or song was not required, only His presence was all that was needed.  The testimonies of those changed in his youth group were captivating miracles.  

When he invited a group of 150 to throw themselves at Jesus' Feet, a wave of humanity flung themselves into the altar weeping uncontrollably.  Myself included.  I don't know a lot of what was going on because I was experiencing a trembling in my  body as I went deep into worship.  I can't explain it, but afterward I was slow in speech.  It seemed that words would just drag out and I could not talk as I normally would.  I was aware of youth praying for me and weeping over me.  It was one of the deepest experiences I have had in my 32 years of serving the Lord.

There is a tremendous awakening taking place at WCCI in the youth and it is spreading into the adults.  God is manifesting Christ in the Message of the Gospel and people are being changed and set free!  What an Awesome Youth Group Influence is!

Pastor Marion Pope

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Thu 23 Dec 2010

  Christmas Men's Fellowship

What an awesome evening of fellowship the men had at the Fiesta Grill last night. Fiesta Grill did an outstanding job of providing prompt and courteous service to 18 hungry men!  It is awesome what God is doing at WCCI now.  Grace is truly being renewed to the minds of the saints.  I am experiencing my greatest years as a pastor.  To see people set free from the bondage of religion and truly experiencing the love of the Father!  Unconditional Love that will never let go.  It takes a while to understand that Grace is not a ticket for a free ride in sin.  As we mature in Christ we see that there  is nothing that will separate us from God, He will in no wise cast us out.  But we also understand that sin has a high price tag and it will cost you tremendous pain that you don;s want to pay.  Sin is an in-road for Satan to come into your life and wreak havoc.  I live holy not because I fear a a terrible God who is a judge and will get you!, but I live holy to separate myself from the wiles of the devil and move as a represent-ative of Christ in the Earth.  A human vessel that has an intimate relationship with the Father and a sensitive relationship with the Holy Spirit.  I become a re-presentation of Christ.  I am an intercessor. A connection between the realm of the spirit and the realm of the natural.  A connection between God and Man!  A connection between God and Satan, destroying his works in the earth and the lives of people.  Standing for the individual and against the foe as a representative of Jesus.  That is the ultimate goal of the church, to be an entire harvest of Christ Jesus in vessels everywhere operating as Christ himself did while he was on the earth.  Grace is the Love of God, Grace is Jesus, who was the love of God manifest.  We should all be the same.  Yes there are those in immaturity lean toward taking advantage of Grace and are involved in sin, but as one really begins to see the Awesome Love of God for them, love becomes the motivating factor, and when one is deeply in love with someone, transgressing that love is not even an option.  Love wants to please the other.  I am so in love with my Heavenly Dad.  My heart is so tender toward Him.  I find myself wanting to hang out with Him in His Word and His Spirit.  I find my self in the secret place of the Most High.  My secret closet of prayer and He speaks to me, He loves on me, He encourages me with waves of His love.  I receive it, but I find my self giving it away.  Grace is a GIFT!  I don't earn it and I certainly don't deserve it.  I offended my one point of the law 50 years ago and the law did what it was supposed to do, it disqualified me.  It had done its one purpose.  Thank God He loved us so much He sent His Grace and died on the cross so that once and for all offered His body for sanctification forever!

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Wed 15 Dec 2010

  Awesome Youth Movement

We have the greatest group of youth evangelists that have ever covenanted to share Christ!  It is truly amazing to me to see the growth of the Influence Youth group through the monthly The Rain service.  They are truly talented by the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

Pastor Pope

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Mon 13 Dec 2010

  Pastor_Pope is so excited about everything Influence is doing!

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