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Mon 4 Feb 2008


Sometimes it is hard living up to your name.

All season long the NY Giants were regarded as less than the best.  They were described as inconsistent and pretty much everyone even their own fans had given up on yet another season.

On the other hand the New England Patriots were considered one of the premier teams and boy did they live up to the hype going 18 - 0 until they met the Giants

In the end it just goes to show that we just have to keep getting back up.  A True Winner is not the one who wins every battle but who falls down and gets back up and endures to the end.  I guess one can say that there is a GIANT in all of us.  Something bigger than me, something bigger than you, something that says defy the odds.  Is there a Giant Spirit in you?

GOOOOO NYG!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Heston_Wil on Mon 4 Feb 2008 9:21:33 pm

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Jody-Ann_Dun on Mon 4 Feb 2008 11:25:39 pm Says:       

most def, there is a Giant spirit in me. even though i may fall, i can get back up, brush maself off and keep walkin with ma head held high :-)
Sade_Ali on Tue 5 Feb 2008 8:34:28 pm Says:       

O plz Jody lmboo! No there is not a GIANT SPIRIT IN ME!lolol

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