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Mon 12 Mar 2012

  PSALM 3:5

“I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.” PSALM 3:5
The rest at night for the believer is never taken for granted. The blessing of sleep is in the hands of the Lord and we are grateful. When we rise each day after a God-given rest, how blessed and refreshed the believer should be. Yes, “The Lord sustained me,” is the cry of the Psalmist! How joyful should be the heart that has spent the night in the hands of the Lord and now rises refreshed, prepared to give God glory and honor in this brand new day.
We do praise you, Lord, with thankful hearts.
Please don’t let us take for granted rest each night and rising each day.


Posted by Dennis_You on Mon 12 Mar 2012 1:04:44 pm

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