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Mon 28 Feb 2011

  Living by faith and not of our will...

we all try to do to enhance our walk with Christ. Our flesh often gets in the way because we don't take time to condition with the word as we would with lotion to keep it moist. Without our daily bread, our flesh gets stronger and tries to consume our spirit. Discovering our areas of weakness is not a pleasant thing to do for the flesh and we often allow the "OLD US" to resist these changes that will glorify God. For so many years were are taught by the world to do things on your own, to  be independent and competitors in life. This makes our mindset get out of sync so to speak when we get saved and want to walk by faith trusting God for all things. When you are a control freak like I have been, it is really tough. But that's because I had it set in my mind, that it was a sign of weakness to surrender to anyone. For hard headed people like me, God sometimes has to thump us up beside the head to get our attention. I will tell you this, until you do, you have never felt more power and freedom at the same time. A leap of faith during a difficult time allowed me rest in our Heavenly Fathers arms and know that no matter what I was dealing with, HE had it all under control. What peace of mind to feel so complete and secure for the first time in my life! God is so good and always provides for us during our time of need. No matter what the situation, there is always something good to praise God for. Praise HIM for all things! Guess what? Sometimes we get to say, out of BAD comes GOOD! Some of the most unthinkable tragedies in life end up being your biggest blessings. Hang tough, stay in the word and stay focused on HIM! He will direct you and guide you through all things. May God bless all that read this and all those that are in need of a special touch from the Lord. With God, there is always HOPE!

Posted by Kathryn_Mas on Mon 28 Feb 2011 9:33:34 pm

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sojourner on Tue 1 Mar 2011 1:02:07 pm Says:       

Thank you for this testimony. May God continue to reinforce its truth in you and those that read it. Jesus submitted to the will of the Father as example for us to submit to His will. In His will we are made free. We are able to be anxious for nothing and with God, HOPE is ASSURANCE. With love in Christ, your brother in Him.
Kathryn_Mas on Wed 2 Mar 2011 7:40:43 pm Says:       

Thanks so much for your encouragement. It means so much to have so many people encouraging and lifting me up during my closer walk to HIM. May God bless and guide you in all you do!

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