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Wed 18 Apr 2007

  Your thoughts on the Virginia Tech Massacre

Hey all

This has dominated the airwaves for the last couple of days and has rippling effects that have transpired continents (an emotional tsunami perhaps(.  I wanted to get a sense of how all of us feel about this tragic incident.  How can/should we respond?  Some people ask Where is God in all of this?  I ask the question where would we be if it wasn't for God.


Does God use disasters, tragedies, and hard times for our own good?

So what is the answer? Can anyone give a reasonable answer as to why something like this happens? 

Posted by Heston_Wil on Wed 18 Apr 2007 7:18:26 pm

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Steve_Lac on Wed 18 Apr 2007 7:22:55 pm Says:       

I think this incident is a symptom of the breakdown of our families and society. As we move closer to Christ's return, incidences like this will be on the increase.
Heston_Wil on Thu 19 Apr 2007 8:20:22 am Says:       

Surely the humanism that prevails our culture is not equipped to answer such grim displays of evil through the actions of people as Seung-Hui. The psychologist, likewise, may attack outside influences in trying to nail down precisely what was troubling him, however, the answer as to “why” remains elusive. Many post-modern university professors may have a hard time even deciding whether or not this was evil or not. Regardless of who is asked we seem to get a similar response, something was wrong with him. For most assuredly, something has to be wrong in order to make someone do such unspeakable things. This is a perfect time for the thinking Christian to raise his hand and offer clarity. Instead of trying to excuse God from any knowledge or involvement in such things, we would do well to speak with clarity as to the root that has produced such a vivid and painful disaster. As Christians we understand the presence of evil is not limited to those things that merely unsettle us, but rather everything that undermines the will of God. Evil is not limited to the squeeze of a bullet or the rage of a murderous attack but in every act of self-exaltation that comes at the expense of the God’s preeminence. The essence of evil is seen through its relentless attack upon the goodness of God. From our vantage point there are levels of evil, however, from the holy eyes of omniscience there are not levels of evil, only God-attacking-evil. This is why the Christian understands murder not just in terms of squeezing the trigger but also the mental homicide of hate. It is why Jesus threatened hell fire to those who would exalt themselves above others and speak with hatred towards them (1 Jn. 3.15; Matt. 5.21-22). We understand this world to be plagued by the persistence and pervasiveness of the effects of sin. By the mercy of God the effects of such sin is restrained from being as devastating as it potentially could be, however, on days like today, its effects are no doubt horrifically gripping. Additionally, it is a good time for the Christian to compassionately speak out against evil and to promote the God who alone has triumphed over it, will not turn a blind eye to it, and will one day completely eradicate the earth from it. We understand that history is moving in a linear direction, towards its pinnacle point, the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to rule and reign with all evil firmly suppressed under his sovereign foot. There is a day coming when he will reign in righteousness and all who do not submit to him will be crushed. In the meantime we have a message do we not? Our message is one of good defeating evil. It is a message of redemption. It is a message of victory. However, this message is not for those who believe that they are without evil but for those who see themselves as evil. Pride is the mother of evil; she has birthed every atrocity known to mankind. It was pride that flooded the heart of Adam in the garden, it was pride that requested a murderer to be released instead of the sinless Son of God, and it was pride in the heart of Cho Seung-Hui that put himself first and took the lives of thirty-three other people. Pride is indeed evil, for we are all pridefully evil people. Please speak-up with biblical clarity to your hurting neighbors, friends, and family. For we are a people who pray for opportunities to speak of our God. God in his providence has given us such an opportunity today. (Thanks Erik for sharing)
Meve_Sha on Thu 19 Apr 2007 11:42:44 pm Says:       

These incidents are just signs of the times in which we are living.Incidents like this should serve as a reminder to us that the coming of the Lord is near. It also is a reminder that we should be ready, because this could happen to anyone. The saddest thing would be for those who lost their lives to go to a Christless eternity after such a senseless act. It tells me that as Christians we have an obligation to share the gospel with everyone we can. As young people we must live soberly, and serve as a beacon of light in this dark world. The Bible says that "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34). In America, using the name of Jesus in our schools is offensive to some. They have taken God out of the schools, but the irony is that it is only the blood of Jesus that can protect us. America would not survive without God in the equation. This is just the beginning of troublesome times. My admonition to us as believers is to draw closer to God and every opportunity we get, let someone know that Jesus Loves them, God's word would not return unto him void.
Jim_Phi on Mon 30 Jul 2007 9:12:57 pm Says:       

Evil is real...it's the mark of this fallen world. What happened at VA Tech was horrible. Those are the kinds of events that either draw people to Jesus or repel them. I am drawn closer due to the ever present reality that evil will be defeated at some point by the King of Kings. Selah!

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