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Wed 7 Feb 2007

  Have you Heard of the Blasphemy Challenge?

An Atheist Group challenges teens to denounce God online. It is incredible how teens are always being targeted. It is just a reminder of the world that we live in and the reminder that we can not be complacent but have to be bold, courageous (the head and not the tail). As in the New testament days our faith is under persecution. It's a harsh reality of living the truth. What do ya'll think?


Posted by Heston_Wil on Wed 7 Feb 2007 6:57:47 am

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Francine_Lew on Wed 7 Feb 2007 9:33:52 am Says:       

OMG...this is Crazy... BUT God told us to be prepared for this....and the only way to keep on is to continue leaning on God....This really brings tears to my eyes...I pray that God will still touch the souls of his children and that we'll be able to stand up for him like we never have before..This if nothing else should allow us, as young Christians to stand UP for God, and not by debating but Trusting more in the lord....Vengeance is not ours...WOW....I believe God can touch more hearts than this man who has been preying on the young children....We need to be HOT for God...ON FIRE for him...for if we're luke warm not only will God spit us out....but people will try to attack the little faith we think we can survive on...I believe God for a mighty move..and I believe it's possible and especially with Winterfest coming....I BELIEVE GOD....WHY NOT ME...and WHY NOT NOW!
Nadine_Haw on Thu 8 Feb 2007 3:10:50 pm Says:       

This is definitely so sad to see..I couldn't even finish watching everything. But this is just a sign of the times we're living in. There are somethings that we lack in this time and it's PRAYER and the need for God's Holy Spirit. We've slacked on our communication with the Almighty God when this is the time to be praying most. And we've neglected the Power of the Holy Spirit which is what gives us the Power to stand boldly against things like this. It is about time that we get in the fight for souls. We need to stop being selfish because we've heard the Good News and accepted Christ and start reaching out to those that are lost. As young people it can simply start with our unsaved peers; just but letting your light shine can sow a see in their hearts. Also recommiting to prayer is a huge part; let's get in God's face, letting Him know what's on our hearts and He will intervene.

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