Thu 10 Oct 2013

  India Missions

10/07/2013 Monday. We combined our preaching activities for Monday and Tuesday to the area about 25 km from Ongole. Lloyd preached in Dirslvancha and 13 more souls were baptized into Christ. We also assisted the lepers in that area that are in a separate facility from the hospital in Ongole.

10/08/2013 Tuesday evening Rama and Max travelled on the train (11 pm to 6 am) north to Palakollu to the Wings preaching school there. Max addressed the preachers there in the morning and then travelled 50 km to one of the churches in Kaguapadu. 10 more souls were baptized into Christ. That afternoon after arriving back at the school Max spoke again to the preachers there about their role in developing leaders and helping to grow the church. At 6 pm they caught the train back to Ongole and arrived at 2 am Thursday morning.

10/09/2013 Have spent the day with the children here at the orphanage. Will pack tonight and leave for Chennai at 11 am. Our plane leaves at 9 pm Friday night and we will be in the air until Saturday. Please pray for us and the people here in India. There is a Cyclone heading for an area north of here and we are hoping to be out of the area before it makes landfall. We have baptized a total of 77 people while here. Pray for their development and growth in Christ. We look forward to being back with all of you Sunday, Lord willing.

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Mon 7 Oct 2013


10/03/2013 We are just now catching up on our mission efforts due to power outages and the strike troubles in India. On Thursday morning I (Max) spoke again to the preachers that were gathered together. We then traveled to Rajampole for another meeting. Lloyd preached and 26 were baptized.

10/04/2013 We packed our things and left for the northern part of the state (about 200 km). Max preached that afternoon and 8 were baptized. That evening we traveled back out in the country (this is beautiful farming country, raising mostly rice and produce). When we arrived back out to the church building at Subbaigudem, the power was off and Lloyd had to preach my candlelight. We had ten that wanted to be baptized, but due to the distance to the water and no power, it was arranged for the preacher to baptized them on Sunday. Just as Lloyd finished the sermon and the invitation the lights came back on. He was 5 minutes late in saying "let there be light".

10/05/2013 After spending the night in a "hotel" we went to another village (Cheruvumadavarm) where Max preached and 5 were baptized. We then travelled back to Ongole and arrived home about 11 p.m.

10/06/2013 Worship today with the church here in Ongole. Max preached and 8 more souls were baptized into Christ. We are making arrangements to shift some of our schedule for the rest of the week, due to the power being out all night and making travel plans for the rest of the week. Please pray things will calm down here politically and we can stay on schedule to preach and then to travel home this Friday.

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Tue 24 Sep 2013

  India Mission Trip Sept 30 to Oct 12

10/01/2013- Arrived in Ongole, India  at 4:30 am on the train and was then welcomed by the preachers and the children.The total trip took us 35  hours to get to the WINGS children's home. 10/02/2013 This morning we went to an old hospital and visited with some of the lepers.This was an unbelievable experience to see  where the lepers live and how they are cared for by each other.  The county headquarters hospital is going to tear down the old hospital in order  to add to the county hospital.  As of now they have no place to go to live. So basically they will be living on the streets unless  the county can find another  place for them to live. At the present time no plans have been made for the Lepers. The Lepers have been living in the old hospital for  five to six years.After visiting with the Lepers they all came to the Fisherman's church property for a Gospel Meeting.  After the lesson was taught from God's word on what a person needs to do to be saved. One of the Lepers responded and was baptize into Christ. Cross point provided the food for us to feed the Lepers lunch.  Then we gave them  rice and other food supplies to care needs  for them about 30 days. This afternoon Max spoke to about 100 of the preachers at the training school about developing elders in their congregations.












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