Thu 17 Feb 2011

  Leslie_Garth is updating First Lady's Page

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Thu 17 Feb 2011

  Updating the Pastor's Page

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Thu 17 Feb 2011

  Leslie_Garth is at work

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Sat 20 Jun 2009

  Clothe the Naked and Feed the Hungry.

It's simple, feed the hungry and clothe the naked.  Many ministries are doing just that, but many aren't doing anything.  This is a simple commandment from God.  Not only is it simple but easy to do.  We pass the same homless people going to and from work every week, they are still hungry and still in need of clothing. 

What can I do?  It's simple, when you are at McDonalds or Burger King purchasing breakfast before driving to work and past the homeless or lunch or dinner for that matter, simply buy an extra sandwhich and give it to someone.  When you are in Walmart or Target the next time you are purchasing items, pick up some sock, t-shirts, mouthwash, tooth brush and paste.  What about deorderant?  Just because they are homeless doesn't mean they don't want to be cleaner.  What about some towels so they can wash up in bathrooms. 

There is no excuse.  We see the same people.  Hand them something, don't judge them.  Clothe and Feed.  The two simplest things we can do for someone and yet few people, including christians aren't doing it.  What do we do, go to big conventions and purchase one hat with a price tag anywhere from $100 to $600.  This for a hat, and you can't purchase anything for the homeless or needy.  We pass them in our fancy cars driving to our fancy homes, and haven't given anyone anything. 

God gave his Son, his Son gave his life.  What are we giving???

He didn't ask us to die, he asked us to Clothe the naked and Feed the hungry...

Next week, try it I promise it will make you feel good.  It truly is better to give than to receive.  Make it a habit.


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Fri 19 Jun 2009

  Leslie_Garth ~ LOVE, REPENT & FORGIVE

How can I say that I love the Lord whom I've never, ever seen before, and forget to say that I love the one whom I walk around each and every day, How can I look upon his face and enjoy God's love whom I must embrace, your my brother, your my sister and I love you with the love of the Lord.

Basically, how can we say that we love God, but can't speak to our brother or our sister in Christ.  If God told us to pray for our enemies, certainly we can speaks to others that are saved.  Where is the Charity?  Where is the forgivness in the church, if we are to forgive 7 times 7 times a day? When do we stop holding grudges those who profess to be saved?  Who are we fooling, certainly not God?  He sees the heart. 

If you are saved, we will mess up, we will dissappoint others, we will cause others harm and pain, but we must repent and do better.  And on the flips side of that if you are the one recieving the pain and hurt you must forgive.  What example are you setting for those who are watching you?   Is it ok to forgive when it's not you?  Your actions show what is really in your heart. If you know your heard is not right, as God to create in you a clean heart and renew the right spirit in you.  As cristians we all must ask that questions at least once in our walk with Christ and if we are honest we must ask it on several occasions. 

Let's Love, Let's Forgive quickly and let's also repent and get it right.  It's never to late to do so.  Each second we have a chance to start again.  LOVE, FORGIVE, & REPENT.

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Fri 19 Jun 2009

  Leslie_Garth is getting ready for class tomorrow taught by Mother McGrew and enjoying the weekend.

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