Thu 29 Mar 2007

  Today's Prayer


March 26, 2007

      Dear Lord, I pray for my pastor's wife, and for every pastor's spouse, that you will anoint, bless, uphold, guide, protect, and show Your love in special ways to these special people. Their's is not an easy task as they provide encouragment and comfort to their loved one who leads a local body of Christ. They must act as sounding boards, prayer partners, counselors, lovers, supporters...and on they go. Please provide strength and great wisdom. Please provide relief from stress and grant them special opportunities for time alone, times with their spouses, and time with family, and time with good friends. Protect their ears and hearts from ugliness that can rear it's nasty head in the life of he church. Help them to focus on You, lover of our souls. Thank You for these people whom You have chosen as help-meets for Your shepherds. May You lift them up as they stand with their spouses. In the name of the Great Shepherd and Lamb of God Who is worthy of all praise I pray, amen.
                                       ---Prime Time with G-d



Posted by Alicia_Lew on Thu 29 Mar 2007 8:18:20 am     | 1 comments


Sat 10 Mar 2007

  O boy a place to write stuff!

Hello everyone

This is just a little intro to Lady before you! My name you already know. You know where I attened Church. If not ask!!

I am currently attending Roberts Wesleyan College! YAY Roberts!

I'm studying stuff... ( you know what to do it you really want to know)

I'm interested in lots of stuff

What else can I say about I.

One day I felt a need to go to the alter, not sure I wanted to but whateva was up there I needed to be there

So I went and I accepted the Lord almighty into my heart, and from there its being astruggle to keep Him in my heart

I may not understand why excatly His majest has called me into His service, but you bet that it's not for the destruction of me

or anybody I know 

So where will I be soon? I don't know

All the answers lie within the heart of the Master

Currently, I'm at work killing flying ants.

For some reason they think that inside will be better for them!

The Lord is near,

Can't you hear the trumpet blow!

All will fall before His feet

The few will make it through the gate!

Prepare ye

Prepare ye

The Master calls now for His workers

Wash yourselves in the blood of the Lamb

Make the necessary sacrifies

For His return is near!

Behold...the Master aproaches!

Posted by Alicia_Lew on Sat 10 Mar 2007 5:06:19 pm     | 1 comments

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