Fri 19 Jul 2013

  Praising Him at every turn...

I can announce that the training phase is finally over! I passed my exam in June with 88 percent - which is more than I had hoped for when my practice examinations (2) came in at 57 percent and 70 percent. I really was sure I would need to try more than once to pass the national exam. 

My license arrived in the mail today. Three more letters have been added behind my name... NHA (Nursing Home Administrator)

God led me through a lot of lip biting and uncertainty. He truly is our strength in weakness. I can honestly identify with Paul when he wrote of his weakness. I had to look up on the verses on weakness to find the one I remembered. I didn't remember he wrote so much about it!

So, walking a road with God shows great promise. So far, every word has been true and every success more than I could imagine. What step is next? I'm not sure. I do know that I started studying so that I would not cross a legal line on what could be done as neighbors and friends for those who care and those who need care. That goal was met. 

My next challenge will be matching the cost of the project with the smaller size necessary to keep those important relationships in a proper perspective.

Blessings to you, and thanks for listening!





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