Tue 5 Jul 2011

  I G N I T E wednesdays @ The Crossing

Good Morning All,

We had such an awesome time on last Wednesday at IGNITE Wednesdays at the Crossing. where we are doing a series entitle "The Christian Atheist"  Believing in God but living as if he doesn't exist. (Believing in God but ashamed of your past)                                  What is letting go of your past?

Letting go of your past means accepting that there's nothing you can do to change it.

You did the best that you could. where your facing your failures, know that you were as good, loving, and effective as you could have been. The past can definitely motivate you in a way that causes you to never want to go back. You can also be optimistic about it and take the lessons learned from it and move on.

Letting go of your past means forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

Life is full of choices and every choice  we make will either take us in a positive, life giving direction or rob us of opportunity to be a life giving individual. Forgiving is a choice that takes courage and strength, and it gives us the opportunity to become an overcomer rather than remaining a victim of our own scorn.

Letting go of your past means being aware of your thoughts.

When you find yourself dwelling or obsessing over the past or the person you lost, gently raw your thoughts back to the present. To continue to rehearse in our thoughts the negative events of our past opposes Philippians 4:8 which tells us to think on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.

**Just because the devil plants a seed in your mind doesn't mean you have to water it.

Letting go of your past means trusting God to heal you.

There may be times where we are all into pieces not knowing how we will pick ourselves back up. But this is where we must trust and believe God for his word. As Jesus asked the lame man in Jerusalem “Do you want to be made well?” we too can be whole again. we have to have the faith that envisions us to see past the present. **But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.


It is my prayer that someone reading this may be blessed beyond measure. There is life beyond these bones in the spirit. and may the spirit of God be with you all.

IGNITE Wednesday is Young Adult Bible study for those between the ages of 18-35. Please come out and grow with us at The Bridge to Life.... THE CROSSING.  or what we life to call. "The Triple C"

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Tue 5 Jul 2011

  Tajuanna_Addison is learning to let go of my past by accepting that there is nothing I can do to change it. BE B L E S S E D

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Mon 11 Apr 2011

  Tajuanna_Addison is trying to view the rainbow on the other side of this dark tunnel

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Mon 24 Jan 2011

  Sending Praise

Hello everyone.

I pray that God continues to use me and uplift me to a place where only he lives. I want God's glory to shine through me. I feel as believer we should lift each other and encourage one another to get eat other through everyday life's struggles.

Today was the start of my new position here at the state. I was a little anxious/nervous about this and that until I remembered... Philippians 4:6 "Be anxious for nothing but through everything prayer and supplication make your request known unto God "

Being the youngest Asst Supervisor probably in the Region I have heard numerous things that all seem so negative. Starting a position where I would be in charge of my elders is sort of nerve racking because you never know how people will receive you. especially older people (set in their ways) 


I mean everyone was so open, they welcomed me. the supervisors and program manager were all excited to have me and couldn't wait to work with me. One even told me she heard so many great things about me... I started thinking.. who told you something...

It was God. even though people around were telling me this and that and although I already knew God brought me to this position so he was going to cover me. This only confirmed it.

God had already came in ahead of me and prepared the way. "For I know the plans I have towards you" MY GOD.

*** I just simply want to bless anyone reading this. Please note that you don't have to worry about anything but whatever it is just give it to Jesus and let him handle it. No matter how big the problem or situation may seem. God knows it all and is in control of it all. Let him go before you. as you go before him humbling your self stepping out on faith and he will do just what he said he would do***

Ain't God alright?

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Mon 24 Jan 2011

  Tajuanna_Addison is loving my first day in my new position

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Tue 11 Jan 2011


I want to personally thank those who came out to the first partner meeting. For those who missed it you missed a treat && I do mean treat. cheeky

IM just excited about what God is doing with our ministry and with the Crossing as a whole.

We are on to the Next level of living!

                          Catch the Vision                                                 Don't get left behind!

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Mon 10 Jan 2011


Come one Come all to the first Ice-Cream social of the year hosted by partners!

When: Monday January 10, 2011

Where: V.I.P. room @ The Crossing

What: Partners Meeting

Time: 7pm


Have you asked yourself why things always happen to you? Why you are slow to progress? What exactly does God have in store for you? Or simply when will your time come?


If you've been thinking about what God has planned for your life for the upcoming year and the road ahead we want you!


Our purpose is:

"Partners" is to address REAL life situations while building RELATIONSHIPS through faith and support, enhancing personal and spiritual growth by promoting RELEVANT resources to discourse the needs of each other while embarking on this REVOLUTIONARY journey that will provide purpose for everyday living as we elevate in God!!

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Mon 10 Jan 2011


Be not weary in well doing for in time it shall come to pass.

You are now looking at the newest member of management with the Health & Human Service Commission.

 Look at God

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Thu 5 Aug 2010

  Tajuanna_Addison is apartment hunting... looking for a nice two bedroom close to the church.

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Mon 28 Jun 2010

  Tajuanna_Addison is about to start reading beyond these bones: while at work

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