Mon 16 Feb 2009

  Ashley_Mclennan is refusing to come down from the high of this weekend.... WINTERFEST 2009 was AWESOME!!! TURNED IT UP THAT DEG


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Wed 24 Oct 2007

  becasue GOD is the GREATEST POWER, we shall NOT be DEFEATED!

notice the title of this's actually in response to my first one

as some ppl amy know, my aunt passed away...the one i wrote about in the first blog. Don't be sad....this isn't a blog of me

in all of this i realized that in the end the will of God is what is gonna come through. i was, as expected, very sad and emotional about her passing,but best believe that i would rather her be free from suffering in this life and with the Lord than to hold on for her loved ones and be in pain.....cuz trust she was in pain. I had the opportunity to see her and spend some time with her shortly before she passed away....i want all my readers to notice what i said:

first: i had the opportunity- it was a privelege to be able to sepnd that time with her even though she was unresponsive cuz i knew she could hear me and the other ppl in the room and i know that she apprecieated it.
second: passed away- she DID NOT die, but merely passed form this life of misery and pain into a life living care free with Christ!Her spirit did not die cuz i beleive she is with me and her entire family, all her freinds and her church every time we go to church or visit her house or just simply take a stroll down the road.

I may seem very optimistic right now because that is how i feel. I don't like making vows cuz im afraid of breaking them.....but i will try my best to make it to heaven....if i have no other reason to go to heaven, my main reason is to go so i can see my aunt again. I am optimistic because i know where she is going. it is not as if there is no hope! she is with the Lord and it was HIS choice to take the pain away form her and if that meant that i wouldn't see her physically anymore....tis worth it. i came to the conclusion that while i may miss her in this life, i will see her again in the next.

now back to my title:

others may see this as a defeat.....why u ask? well, they may look at the fact that other ppl have been afflicted by cancer and stuff and God has healed them....but that was their fate! my aunt was not meant to continue in her suffering because God did not intend for her to. I thought that God's plan was to heal her so that He could be glorified through the victory. But who am I or who are any of us to say we know what God is thinking? Its as if God's voice spoke to me and said "and if i don't heal her, will you stop believing in me?" Would i stop gloryfing God if He doesn't do what I want Him to do? NO....i can't and I won't. I've come too far and God has been too good to me an i know my aunt would bever want me to do that. Besides, who is to say that the victory was not won in her passing????

I beleive that we have the victory because God's plan went through. God allowed my aunt to come into my life so that i could get to know Him and that is the same for my mom and my sister. She witnessed to us and brought us to know Christ as our personal savior.And thats that....she came on earth, did her job, and God saw it fit to call her im not gonna stress or be too upset...yes i miss her in this life but seeing her in the next life is somehting to anticipate! I firmly believe that God has won the victory for us this time....the devil is defeated....although he would like for us to claim defeat, i refuse to.....


and once again, i'm thankful**********

God i know YOU love me and i love and worship YOU
-peace and luv to all who read this......Isaiah 54:17.....AsHleY-

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Mon 20 Aug 2007

  the big "C" all know that when something bad happens to someone you barely know it doesn't really affect you. But when its one of the people closest to you it's as if your heart has been melted or ripped out and smashed into a million pieces. AS i returned home form summerfest on Sunday afternoon, i heard the horrifying news- my aunt had cancer... its was painful for me for a number of reasons. first, i had just come from one of the most amazing retreats of my life and i was so excited and never expected such bad news. secondly, of all my aunts, i owe this one the most... you see, if it wsn't for her i wouldn't know Christ as my personal savior. I would remember her bringing me to church when i was younger and i would go and do something rude and she would say to my mom (who wasn't saved at the time) "i'm not taking her back to church with me." But it would be a idle threat cuz the next Sunday i would have on my little dress and be off to church with her. From there, i grew to love the Lord and church to the point that if i was gonna be grounded the punishment would be that i couldn't go to church... and now the devil has decided to hit my aunt in the worst way...this is also horrible cuz her daughter who at this point is is between a rock and a hard place in her Christianity did not need to be hit with such hard news either. But i believe that my aunt is already healed... and that God only did this to "show off"...He just allows stuff to happen so that He can show us how great and marvelous He is... how "wonder-full" and "mercy-full" and "power-full" He is ( Bishop J. Bruno...thanx for that one...the fullness of God can HEAL) He wanted us to recognize that there is nothing impossible for Him... i think it is a major lesson for me cuz i have been praying for the baptism of the Holy spirit for years now and i think my main problem was my faith...God wants me to have faith...He wants me to believe that He can do anything...He wants a US to believe just as He said to Abraham, not asking him, but stating the fact "Is there anything to hard for the Lord????" So as a youth group...a community of the army of the Gideons army (as Bishop Steve stated on sunday morning of Summerfest) lets band together to pull down the strong holds of Satan cuz if God be for us, who DARE be against us????? There is a song that says "BECAUSE GOD IS THE GREATEST POWER WE SHALL NOT BE DEFEATED!" When you are in service or wherever you are if your worshiping or praising, please just send up a shout and a praise form my aunt cuz "at the shout of praise hell's foundation quivers" which means our praise can shake the very foundations of Satan and his demons....the demons of sickness and disease, the demons of doubt and fear, the demons of cancer, and whatever demons you or i might be facing. Please pray for my aunt cuz she really needs it... UNITED {IN CHRIST} WE STAND....DIVIDED {AGAINST ONE ANOTHER} WE FALL

-God i kno u luv us & we luv & worship u--

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