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Eileen_DeC (Eileen_DeCoite-Burke is checking you all out!), Tue 18 Aug 12:57:26 am
Neelu_Ran (Neelu_Randhawa is working and ministering to people at work), Fri 3 Jul 2:45:45 pm
Neelu_Ran (Ben's recovery. Praying Fpr Manuel), Fri 3 Jul 2:41:26 pm
Sandy_Wal (Sandy_Wallace is enjoying a prayer conference in Branson , Mo), Sat 1 Nov 11:55:29 pm
Margaret_All (Margaret_Allen is exploring the website.), Sun 11 May 7:44:37 pm
Eileen_DeC (Eileen_DeCoite-Burke is relaxing!), Mon 7 Apr 10:40:30 am
Tracy_Ort (Tracy_Ortiz is getting birthday kisses from her 3 precious babies (dogs) how wonderful is our God), Sat 8 Feb 12:24:04 pm
Tracy_Ort (Tracy_Ortiz is IM listening to pastor sandy preach revelations wow shes amazing), Sat 8 Feb 12:20:06 pm
Tracy_Ort (Tracy_Ortiz is celebrating her birthday today with the Lord and her husband and son), Sat 8 Feb 12:02:51 pm
Tracy_Ort (Tracy_Ortiz is surfing the churchs web site), Sat 8 Feb 12:00:14 pm
Tracy_Ort (Tracy_Ortiz is surfing the chitchat Web site), Sat 8 Feb 11:58:26 am
Donna_Rod (Donna_Rodriguez is working for a school), Sun 12 Jan 12:32:06 am
Donna_Rod (Donna_Rodriguez ), Sun 12 Jan 12:29:15 am
Sandy_Wal (Sandy_Wallace is watching service live stream from Tahoe. Excited to watch Matt teach!), Wed 6 Nov 9:18:04 pm
Patty_Spa (Patty_Spangler is, relaxing and talking to The Lord ), Sat 19 Oct 8:26:44 am