Jim_Whi (Jim_Whittaker is prepareing for Palm Sundy at BBF), Sun 29 Mar 8:06:11 am
Jim_Whi (Praying for peace in the world, understanding and strength to continue on in the faith of our Lord.), Sun 25 Jan 6:54:32 am
Lynda_Jor (Lynda_Jordan is saved!.), Sun 4 Jan 4:52:14 pm
Jim_Whi (Jim_Whittaker is making himself ready for church and reflecting on the the happier thoughts of his life. Praise the Lord and gi), Sun 14 Dec 8:07:38 am
Penny_Whe (Penny_Wheat is ), Tue 18 Nov 12:28:34 pm
Penny_Whe (Penny_Wheat is Praising God for all things!!), Thu 30 Oct 8:14:53 am
Jim_Whi (Jim_Whittaker is up early, drinking coffee and talking to the Lord. He has a song in his mind and heart. "Lord lead me on". See), Sun 12 Oct 6:49:58 am
Tom_Law (Tom_Law is in class at church), Thu 9 Oct 6:40:16 pm
Jim_Whi (Up earley this morning with the warmth of the Lord in my heart. My mind is full of all the troubles and woes of the World and F), Tue 7 Oct 6:01:13 am
Jim_Whi (Jim_Whittaker is hearing a song in his head and heart. "Every day with Jesus, is sweeter than the day before". ), Sun 21 Sep 8:16:21 am
Jim_Whi (Jim Whittaker and Wanda are getting ready for Church. Hope to see you there.), Sun 24 Aug 8:43:09 am
Jim_Whi (Just finished watching the Live Service), Sun 10 Aug 5:49:45 pm
Jim_Whi (Jim and Wanda will see you at Bible Believers Fellowship Church. We pray that we all will have a blessed day.), Sun 20 Jul 7:57:41 am
Jim_Whi (Jim and Wanda Whittaker are getting ready for Church at Bible Believers Fellowship.), Sun 22 Jun 8:44:46 am
Jim_Whi (Jim_Whittaker is just home from Church and enjoyed the Sermon and Felloship.), Sun 11 May 12:21:19 pm