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Ridge_Wil (Ridge_Wilson is working on C.O.R.E. lessons.!!), Tue 6 Jan 3:39:34 pm
PastorTim_Tur (PastorTim_Turner is working on ministry), Sun 17 Aug 10:34:20 pm
Randy_Win (Randy_Winkles is preparing for LFCC C.O.R.E Leaders Meeting), Sat 21 Jun 8:58:46 am
Rhonda_Har (looking for my avatar), Thu 9 Jan 7:35:52 pm
Judy_Mil (Judy_Miller is tending the LFCC office and wondering if anyone is reading any of these "blogs".), Tue 2 Apr 4:06:19 pm
Judy_Mil (Judy_Miller is feelin' hungry! Losing weight. Reading poetry and mysteries. Making art. Journaling with prayer.), Tue 12 Mar 5:00:35 pm
PastorTim_Tur (PastorTim_Turner is seeking direction from God!), Thu 28 Feb 9:29:24 am
PastorTim_Tur (PastorTim_Turner is visting out of town family), Wed 27 Feb 5:29:56 pm
Judy_Mil (Judy_Miller is updating the LFCC Calendars online and on paper. A paper version is now available at the table at the back of th), Tue 5 Feb 3:31:51 pm
Joy_Ebo (verify information), Thu 31 Jan 8:36:35 am
Joy_Ebo (update account ), Thu 31 Jan 8:34:39 am
PastorTim_Tur (PastorTim_Turner is starting to ministry), Thu 17 Jan 1:45:17 pm
PastorTim_Tur (PastorTim_Turner is ), Thu 17 Jan 1:44:47 pm
Judy_Mil (Judy_Miller is helping out at the LFCC office today.), Tue 2 Oct 1:40:44 pm
Rhonda_Har (waiting for the service to begin), Fri 24 Feb 7:48:58 pm